REVIEW ➞ Misadventures with a Sexpert by Elizabeth Hayley


Isla Scott seeks to enhance her sexual repertoire, and she’s using every available app to do so. But no matter what buttons she pushes, she isn’t having much luck during her frequent coffeehouse dating rendezvous. If she’s to eventually satisfy Mr. Right—and herself—in every way, she needs to gain some more experience. But so far she’s only encountered duds.

Grayson Hawkins’s marriage fell apart when he caught his wife with his best friend. Emotionally bankrupt, he’s left her and his high-pressure job to start over in a new town. A clean slate for the artist. A new coffeehouse to patronize. A fresh page on which he can draw his illustrations.

Grayson and Isla form an unconventional pact where he agrees to be her sex guru to help her gain the experience she seeks in trade for permission for him to sketch her comical dates for his newspaper’s Instagram page. But such a pact doesn’t come without pitfalls, and Isla must make a decision. Does she apply her newfound knowledge on one of her dates, or will she realize her Sexpert was always the one?

This was a turning point for us — the beginning of our journey into Sex 2.0. No more vanilla. From here on our, we’d be mixing flavors like we were Ben and Jerry.


A great addition to the Misadventures series and another great book from Elizabeth Hayley. This story was full of steam, laughs and plenty of fun.

Isla doesn’t have the best luck when it comes to dating. She visits a coffee shop weekly for dates, however, the men all turn out to be less than ideal. Grayson loves drawing comics, so when he notices a woman always at the coffee shop on dates, he decides to draw them. Grayson and Isla form a semi friendship, mostly they come to an agree to help each other. Grayson gets to continue draw his comics and Isla gets some sex lessons.

I loved the chemistry between Grayson and Isla. Their relationship was great, I loved how easy going felt between them. There were so many funny and steamy moments between them. Gray and Isla at the Love Den was one of my favorites, you could feel how uncomfortable Isla was, but also her curiosity.

Misadventures with a Sexpert is such a fun read. It will have you laughing and swooning the entire time. This is a book you’ll start and not put down until you’ve reached the end. A MUST READ!


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