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REVIEW ➞ Misadventures with a Lawyer by Julie Morgan


In the court of love, will either of them object?

Legendary lawyer Chase Newstrom is as famous in court as he is with the ladies. His work-hard, play-harder mindset is why he’s never lost a case…or lacked a model on his arm. But a recent twist before the bench threatens to derail his perfect record.

Chase turns to law firm intern Ainsley Speire to solve his case’s problems after hours so he can gallivant around town with yet another lady friend, and Ainsley, despite being driven and focused, is none too pleased with her boss’s demands. She’s had to cancel long-standing plans at the last minute, again…and vows it’s for the last time.

Ainsley sits down with Chase’s most expensive Scotch in one hand and fancy pen in the other and pours it all out, literally and figuratively. When Chase finds the note—and a passed-out Ainsley—he’s intrigued. Perhaps there’s more to the soft-spoken Ms. Speire than he thought.

Ainsley wakes to Chase’s trademark cocky grin, and Chase sees a new spark in Ainsley’s eyes. Anything between them would be an HR nightmare, but is there a chance Chase and Ainsley are willing to work together on one more case? A case that promises a lifetime sentence of love?

Tonight called for a note. No, a letter. The letter of all letters to the world’s worst but sexiest boss.


Ainsley Spiere is smart, independent, and a great lawyer. Chase Newstrom is her boss, he is a great lawyer, but is a tide by arrogant and cocky. When Chases forces Ainsley to miss some wedding events for her best friend, she takes it upon herself after drinking some of his expensive scotch, to write him a letter. However, she never expected her boss to read the letter she wrote.

I loved Ainsley and Chase’s chemistry. They work well together both in and out of the office. The banter and the heat between them was fantastic. Ainsley really brought out a different side to Chase and I loved that they could support each other.

Of course, their relationship wasn’t easy and there was a small hiccup and some drama that caused some issues but everything was quickly resolved.

If you’re looking for a hot, steamy, great office romance this is one to check out!