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REVIEW ➞ Mine by AJ Wolf


A burning sneer, a snide remark, and a stolen kiss.

Three distinct memories among a million others that stain my childhood with Remy Luciano.

Sour gummy worms and a nickname.

Two more memories and everything I loved to hate started blurring at the edges.

A wedding dress made for another.

And one whispered confession that has gripped the three of us in its sticky fingers of heartbreak and doubt…

You’ve always been Mine.

》Trigger Warning: Adult language, sexual content, some violence and a love triangle

》 This is the Bloody Business Prequel and meant to be read before the rest of the series

Five years older than me and the bane to my existence, Remy always finds a way to annoy the hell out of me.


Oh Bev and Remy how I love them! This prequel novella to Bev and Remy’s story is EVERYTHING I could have wanted and so much more. I loved getting to see how their story started!

Bev is full of sass and feistiness and I LOVE her even more. She is not one to follow the rules and does what she wants. She is strong and fearless and after reading the previous books in the series she stays true to herself. I love that she isn’t afraid to stand up against Remy or really anyone.  Remy is his typical alpha self, even as a teenager.

The chemistry between Bev and Remy is on FIRE from the moment they met. There is a connection between them, there is tension, the love/hate relationship between them. Their relationship hasn’t been easy and this just goes to show everything they had to go through at the start. There is so much power and raw emotions between them and how they express their feelings.

I loved seeing Bev and the relationship with her brother, Julian. Plus, the relationship between Bev and Donatello, Bev and Laney and Bev and Andrea. It was fun seeing how they interact and their friendships forming.

Mine is a great prequel and perfect introduction to the Bloody Business series. A MUST READ!!!!