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REVIEW ➞ Maybe Yours by Claire Raye


Working together is more fun when you’re falling in love…

What do a dating app and co-workers have in common? Other than being a terrible idea…nothing! Internet dating is not for the faint of heart and neither is finding out you’re accidently dating your co-worker.

At least that’s what Tommy Andrews discovers when he realizes the woman he’s been talking dirty to online is none other than Penny Cartwright, his much younger co-worker who runs the tasting room at Somerville Winery and Vineyard.

But Penny is determined to prove that just because she’s younger, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she wants. And what she wants is Tommy.

As their chemistry sizzles, denying their attraction to each other proves more difficult than keeping it a secret from their bosses. And you know what they say about dating your co-worker…

“Penny, we’ve been searching all this time, we just didn’t realize it.”

“And I had no idea you were right here all along.”


From page one I completely fell in love with Penny and Tommy. As their story continued, I continued to fall more and love with these two characters. Mix in the beautiful setting of a Napa Winery and Maybe Yours is the perfect escape.

Penny has dated a string of less than stellar men and has pretty much given up. Tommy is fresh out of a long-term relationship. The two of them have worked together for years, but never really spent time together, however, it was easy to see there was something between them. The two of them are complete opposites. Tommy is kind of grump with a mix of sweetness once you pull some layers and Penny is more of a free spirt, just kind of goes with the flow. They have some meddling bosses and friend’s aka Jack, who mentions a new dating app where you don’t share any pictures of yourself. Penny downloads the app out of curiosity to see if maybe something will come from it and Jack downloads the app for Tommy and this is where things start to get interesting.

I loved the back and forth between Penny and Tommy on the app and when they started spending more time together with their bee’s. On the app they were forming a deeper connection and truly getting to know each other. On the vineyard they were forming a friendship and I loved seeing that grow and I loved the fact that they bonded over bees. They had me laughing so many times, but there was also some frustration and I wanted to knock some sense into both Pen and Tom!

It was great to get more of Ellen, Will, Lauren and Jack throughout the story and get little glimpses of the previous couples. Of course, Oscar and Olivia and their little remarks were always hilarious. I’m hoping that there is a story in the future for two certain characters in the future because I need to know more!

If you’re looking for an age gap, workplace romance that is on the lighter side this is one to check out!

Thank you to Claire Raye for the advanced copy for an honest review.