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REVIEW ➞ Kiss by Kiss by Kaylee Ryan



One look at Grant Riggins standing in my bakery looking at me like I’m his last meal is enough to know I’m in way over my head.

He’s relentless in his pursuit. The kind of man I could get lost in. But Grant makes me wish for things I can’t have.

I’ve finally got my life back. The last thing I need is to fall for the first man to give me a second glance, even if he does seem sincere in his efforts to win me over.


Aurora Steele smiles shyly across the counter, captivating me with her warm hazel eyes and effortless beauty.

Her bakery is filled with mouthwatering treats, but the thing I crave the most is not on the menu. I know one taste of Aurora will never be enough.

She’s different than other women, and she’s definitely immune to the Riggins charm. But I’ll prove to her I’m different too, and kiss by kiss, I’ll make her mine.


The more and more this series continues to more and more I fall in love with the entire Riggins family! Seriously wishing I can at least be adopted by this family! They are caring, loving, sweet, supportive and just everything you could want.

Grant Riggins is the middle brother and the moment he feels the magic he is hooked and he goes full force. I loved that while he was persistent when it came to Aurora, he wasn’t overly pushy in a way that is a turn off. He was caring and understanding and willing to listen to her and follow her lead. I was swooning hardcore for the man. I absolutely loved Aurora! She is a fighter and though she may have been broken down in the past she had all the right people in her corner to love her and support her and help her along the way.

The chemistry between Grant and Aurora is absolutely amazing. They had an instant connection and that connection just grew stronger and deeper as their story continued. I loved everything about their relationship. I also loved how Grant included Aurora’s sister, Aspen, into the Riggins family.

If you’re looking for a sweet romance that is a little bit of slow burn, full of amazing chemistry and one of my family book families this is a must read!