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REVIEW ➞ Just for a Little While by Fiona Cole


After a year of traveling abroad, my parents finally trap my free-spirit into college. Even worse, my dad’s former-stepbrother has a room with my name on it.

The only thing I remember about Uncle Willem is his boring button-down shirts and quiet demeanor.

Except the rugged man who opens his home to me—filling out his t-shirt better than any person should—is not the man I remember. Standing here drooling over his easy dimpled smile, I wonder if I really looked at him at all.

Because Willem is anything but boring and, based on the way his eyes linger on my ripped jeans and thin shirt, he is anything but bored by me.

Add in that he’s a professor at my college and my major went from ‘undecided’ to ‘him’. He tries to hold back, but I have other plans in mind.

College can’t start soon enough. I can’t wait to misbehave and get sent to the professor’s office.

One touch. One kiss. Each starts with a simple promise: Just for a little while.

With every step, I knew with certainty that this was a mistake. With every step, I knew I didn’t care. It would be like everything else. I could plead insanity. Just for a little while.


Arabella wants to explore and travel the world, however, her parents also want her to have an education. She agrees to go to school in the fall and ends up staying with her father’s stepbrother, Willem. He also happens to be an economics professor at the school.

From the moment they meet there is an attraction between them and insane amounts of tension. It started with hugs, then slowly grew into something more and eventually they couldn’t resist the chemistry growing between them. I loved Willem. He is hardworking, he is sweet and caring and he shares a love of travel with Arabella. Arabella is kind of a brat at the beginning, not wanting to give into her parents depends, but as the story progresses, she really grows up and finds herself.

I completely fell in love with these characters, their relationship and their story. I didn’t want their story to end and wanted more.

If you’re looking for an age gap, student/teacher romance this is one to check out.