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REVIEW ➞ Irresistible by R.C. Stephens


Avery is trudging through life, working as a physical therapist in a VA hospital.

After losing her husband at war in Afghanistan and raising her teenage daughter on her own, she has no interest in dating, let alone falling in love.
Until she meets her new patient and he awakens things inside her she didn’t know existed.
Bennet is a wounded Navy SEAL who has just survived an IED explosion in Africa that may leave him with a career-ending injury.
The Navy was all he had.
Love is the last thing on his mind.

Who could love someone as broken as him anyway?

Until one day Avery walks into his hospital room. Bennet feels a spark he hasn’t felt in what seems like a lifetime.

She’s there to administer his physical therapy.
It’s wrong to want her, but he does.
He shouldn’t kiss her, but he can’t help himself.
He’s jeopardizing her job, and for what? He has nothing to offer.

A broken body. An uncertain future. Why would she risk everything for him?

Problem is, Avery Montgomery is completely irresistible.

I’m crazy about you. I don’t want to be a bad choice.


Irresistible is a beautiful, emotional story. From the moment I started reading I was completely sucked into the story.

 I loved Avery and my heart broke for everything she has gone through, but I was also cheering her on for working hard for her and her daughter. She loves her job and it shows when she is with her patients and all the extra time she spends with them and the bonds she forms. Bennett is a broken man and its understandable given everything he has gone through. You can’t help but love him. Avery and Bennett had an instant connection. There was something that just drew them both together from the start and they couldn’t stay away. I loved the chemistry between them so much and their relationship has a whole. It wasn’t easy, they both had struggles they had to overcome.

There was a twist I wasn’t expecting, which also presented another little road bump when it came to Avery and Bennett’s relationship. I loved the relationship Bennett formed with Avery’s daughter, the relationship between Avery and all Bennett’s friends and of course, Bennett and Sutton.

Irresistible is an emotional story, but truly beautiful and a MUST READ!