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REVIEW ➞ In Too Deep by Skye Jordan


I’ve got one hell of a life–the business of my dreams, a close-knit family, and the title of elusive but most-eligible bachelor in town.

The only thing I’m missing now is my heart. I gave it away as a teenager and never got it back.

I didn’t think I’d see that girl again. She was my best friend, my first love, the person I couldn’t wait to see arrive in June and couldn’t stand to see leave in September. But the summer she turned eighteen, she flew off to Paris and never looked back.

When she resurfaces twelve years later, I don’t want to want her. I don’t even want to care. I really just want my fucking heart back so I can move on with a normal life–marriage, kids. Hell, I’d settle for a cease-fire in my romantic life.

It turns out we’ve got a shared interest in her grandfather’s land. This could be the perfect opportunity to settle the past. Or it could be the biggest mistake of my life, the one that destroys my heart for good.

“First loves are always the hardest to get over.”


In Too Deep is the first book I have read from Skye Jordan and I was completely hooked the moment I started reading and throw in the fact this book is a small town, second chance romance and I am completely sold!

First off, I LOVED the prologue to this story. I loved the introduction to Laiyla and her two instant friends, Chloe and KT all thanks to being stuck in a cyclone together. These girls are serious friendship goals and I want to join them!

Laiyla has been living in the city and travelling the world, but now that she is almost 30 she is returning back to Wildfire Lake where she spent her summers as teen at her Grandfather’s cabin and the place where she met her first love. Of course, when she returns after years away she doesn’t want to run into one person, but Levi just so happens to be the first person she sees again.

I loved Laiyla and Levi’s relationship. It was fun, hot and emotional. They have tons of chemistry between them, even after years apart with no contact. Now that they are both in the same place can they continue what they had as teens or is there no chance for a future?

In Too Deep is a MUST READ and I can’t wait for the next two books in this series!