REVIEW ➞ If We Dare by J.H. Croix



I’m definitely not looking for love, but I need a date. A fake date for a wedding.

Jade owes me a favor. Because I rescued her from a dumpster—don’t ask. Jade might turn my crank, but she’s hands off when it comes to men. She’s perfect.

Well, perfect until we’re stuck together for the weekend, and I can hardly keep my eyes, or my hands, off her. I can’t go falling for my friend’s sister. What’s supposed to be fake starts to feel as real as the fire burning up the sheets between us.

Jade is feisty and a master at keeping me at a distance. Funny thing though. I don’t mind a challenge, and I’m not about to back down.

The man needed to come with a list of warnings – might blind you with hotness, don’t touch or you’ll get burned, melting imminent.


J.H. Croix is a new to me author and after finishing up this book I am definitely going to be reading more in the future. If We Dare is the sixth book in the series, however, it can be read as a standalone.

Jade is feisty, she is strong but she also has a sensitive and caring side. She doesn’t date, she has trust issues. Walker is fairly new to town, he is insanely protective and loyal. Walker’s ex is going to be at his best friends wedding, so he needs a date and after just helping Jade out at the bar he uses that opportunity to ask her. It was just suppose to just be a fake relationship to keep his ex away, but the feelings between them are real.

I love the chemistry these two have from the start. They both help each other out, however, they can only deny their connection for so long before sparks begin to fly. There are some emotional parts of this story, but they also brought Jade and Walker closer together. They learned to lean on each other and support each other.

If We Dare brings the romance, the heat, and the emotions from the very beginning. This book is a MUST READ!


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