REVIEW ➞ Ice Hearts by Monty Jay


Behind every heartless woman is a little girl who trusted the world with her love to have it chew her up and spit her out.
No one knows that better than Aurelia Riggs.
Silver tongue matched with a golden appearance.
She is the notorious ice queen.
To protect her heart she has a set of rules.
No sleeping over.
No second dates.
No falling in love.
Someone should have really warned Nico of them, but honestly, would he have listened?

Nico ‘Southie’ Jett is the best forward in the league. Leading in points, shredding the ice, his control is unmatched.
After an earth-shattering loss, and one slip up hits the press, his spot on the Fury is in danger.
Nico needs someone to fix his image and quick, who else better than Chicago’s most exceptional PR agent?
The only problem is she avoids him like the plague.
Nico is determined to get underneath her skin in all the right ways.
He has Aurelia Riggs all to himself. She can’t run from him anymore.
The game is on, and he’s ready to melt Aurelia’s Ice Heart.

You may have been born in a world of darkness, Aurelia, but you are made of light.


After reading Love & Hockey I knew this book would be an emotional and it was. This book hit my hard, it hit so close to home and it completely gutted me emotionally. I haven’t cried so hard while reading in a book in forever.

Ice Hearts is emotional, raw, and real. It doesn’t glamorize mental illness. It shows the raw, gritty truth about it and how hard it can affect not only the person, but those around them. I love Riggs. She is a survivor, a fighter and a BA. What she went through as a child is heartbreaking, her struggles growing up and as an adult are heartbreaking. However, she continues to fight, she continues the battle. Nico grew up the complete opposite of Riggs, but he has experienced some loss in his life. He is a fixer; he is drawn to Riggs from the moment they meet.

There is chemistry between Riggs and Nico. Nico wants Riggs right from the start, but he also knows some of her past and is careful not to push her. Riggs on the other hand feels the chemistry, but doesn’t want to do anything about it. She knows her history, she believes she is not good enough, that she is damaged. They both needed each other, they needed the support the other could provide. Riggs and Nico are truly perfect for each other and though their relationship wasn’t easy it was worth the ride.

Ice Hearts is an emotional, raw, and real story that will break your heart into a million little pieces, but slowly mend it back together. A MUST READ!


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