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REVIEW ➞ Hot Mess Christmas Express by Claire Hastings


On the seventh day of Christmas, some of the swans are missing…

Caleb is hot. Sienna is a hot mess. But after just one night together, a mix-up causes this delightfully dreamy doctor to freeze out the reluctant pharmaceutical sales rep.

For two years, Caleb has given Sienna the silent treatment until a holiday wedding at the Seven Swans Inn forces him to acknowledge her existence again. And despite their chilly past, the forecast for Christmas quickly becomes hot and steamy.

‘Tis the season for mistletoe kisses, but when the magic wears off will this second chance be nothing more than a second heartbreak?

“I think it’s time for Santa to come. Pun intended.”


Sienna’s life is a hot mess. When someone from her past comes back into her life after two years, will they be able to move past what happened two years prior and get a second chance?

I adore Sienna. She has dreams and goals, but must work the grind to build up to her own dream. She must also deal with a bridezilla thanks to her sister. Caleb, oh Caleb. The man can be a jerk sometimes, but also super sweet and swoony. Plus, the man is a pediatric doctor….how can you dislike that?!

Sienna and Caleb have not shortage of chemistry and these two are going to melt all the fake snow! I love that Sienna genuinely cares about Caleb and his passions when it comes to his career and Caleb is supportive of Sienna. Well, until yet another misunderstanding because the man loves to jump to conclusions. Which does create some drama between the two of them a few times throughout the story.

The swans, superficially one named, Kurt are such a fun addition to the story and I love the role they play. It is both hilarious and sweet at times.

If you’re looking for a second chance holiday romance this is one to read!