REVIEW ➞ Her Bad Idea by Sagan Morrow


Focus on the dance competition. The business opportunity. The prize money, for goodness sake. Anything except…

That smarmy attitude.

Those mocking eyes.

That chiseled jawline.

Staying focused on the task at hand might be harder than Scarlett Mitchell thought, when she’s stuck with sexy, arrogant Pete Fraser as her dance partner for the next six weeks. But she has no choice—he’s her only hope to win the dance competition. Scarlett needs to win that prize money if she’s going to save her failing burlesque business.

…And it’s all the more complicated when she unexpectedly finds herself in a fake relationship with Pete, as an attempt to make her unrequited crush, Westley Prince, jealous..

There was nothing quite like the thrill of performing burlesque for a living.


Her Bad Idea is the story of Scarlett and while it may be the seventh book in the series, this can be read as a complete standalone since it is the first book for Scarlett.

Scarlett is a burlesque dancer, she loves what she does, however, she is in debt, so when the opportunity comes up to enter a dance competition, she is all for it. The downside? She has to have a partner and the man who volunteered is someone she knows and judged her the moment he met her. Both her and Pete have walls up, they do have some hilarious banter throughout the story.

Her Bad Idea is a SLOW, SLOW, SLOW burn. However, I couldn’t put it down. I had to know what was going to happen between Scarlett and Pete. I was completely invested in these characters and their relationship. I can’t wait to see where things go and how their story continues.


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