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REVIEW ➞ Hard Working Hero by Penny Wylder


He thinks I’m a spoiled girl. I think he’s a stubborn jerk-hole.

We should hate each other.

Instead I’m falling head over heels for this chiseled, hard-working carpenter that my rich family would disown me for mixing with.

It all started because I broke some cabinets. In my defense I was distracted–my parents demanded I hurry along to some socialite party when all I wanted to do was stay home and binge Bridgerton.

My dad thought he’d teach me a lesson by making me help Mr. Rude-But-Hot fix what I busted.

Somehow, I don’t think he predicted me getting all melty for a blue-collar stranger.

But I did.

I’m hooked.

And when my family finds out, I’ll lose everything.

This is one mess not even my heart-throb’s skilled hands can fix…

We all have a story that cuts too deep to retell. The house on Belmont is mine. Some memories are just too hard to share.


Narissa and Oliver literally run into each other and when she destroys some cabinets that he had built for her fathers new property. Now, she has to work for Oliver and help him rebuild the cabinets.

Narissa comes across as the spoiled rich princess in the beginning, however, as the story continues and the more you get to now her that isn’t the case. There are things in her past that happened and changed who she is. She is private, she doesn’t open up to many people. She is passionate and artistic. Oliver is hard working, he is drawn to Narissa and the more she lets down her walls the more he is drawn to her and wants to prove that she can trust him.

There is an instant connection between Narissa and Oliver. These two have tons of chemistry. I love how Oliver doesn’t push her, but slowly tries to prove to her that he is safe and he will never hurt her.

If you’re looking for a strangers to lovers, insta love romance this is one to check out.