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REVIEW ➞ Hard to Love by K. Bromberg


He was the one-night stand that didn’t exactly go as planned. Now he’s standing before me as if he’s never seen me naked, telling my manager he’ll take the job. Reluctantly.

Finn Sanderson.

Sports agent extraordinaire. Handsome as hell. The man who just signed on to control my every move.

Sure, I’m to blame for my recent bad press, but when your whole life has been so regimented, isn’t it normal to want to live it up a little?

But when the partying stops and the grief I’m running from has nowhere else to hide, reality sets in. Turns out, Finn’s the only person I have left to help pick up the pieces. The only person to call.

Staying with him is a temporary thing. But when our fighting turns into laughter and our friendship turns into something more, will I fight for a man who swears he’s hard to love? Or is it wiser to walk away? To follow the plan?

* * *
Offering to help with a client is a way to repay a long overdue IOU to my mentor. Little did I know she was the woman who left my hotel room at four in the morning.

Stevie Lancaster.

Top-seeded US tennis player. Good girl gone bad. The woman currently about to throw her career away. And now my problem.

The compensation to “babysit” her is great, but she isn’t worth my trouble.

But when her world falls apart and she has no one else to turn to, I try to be a good guy by gathering her up and hiding her from the media’s eye.

Now she’s in my house, in my space, and even though I’m enjoying the side benefits of this unexpected arrangement, surely she’s better to leave when the time comes and follow her destiny. Because I’m not the man she needs. Not the man she could love. Right?

Stevie Lancaster is a woman who should never be used nor discarded.


Finn has been one of those characters that you hate, but at the same time you always want something more for him. You know there is more to him than what meets the eye and he deserves redemption.  I wasn’t sure if that was ever going to happen or that I would completely love Finn by the end of this book, but I absolutely do. I loved getting to see his past and just getting to know more about Finn.

Stevie is a tennis star, but she is also struggling after losing her father who was the person she was closet to in her life and her career. She is living more of a wild life now and while it is helping her block out the pain the loss, it isn’t good for her career.

I loved Finn and Stevie together. There is a shared loss and connection between them. They can understand each other, probably better than other people can. There is also chemistry between them from the very first moment they meet. They have great banter and there are also some sweet moments between the two of them.

If you’re looking for an enemies to lovers, sports romance this is one to read!