REVIEW ➞ Grip by Lacey Black


Lacey Black’s Grip is a second-chance, surprise-baby contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World project.


I live to race. It’s in my blood—the smell of dirt and gasoline, the fast cars, the screaming fans. I was the king of a small track in Missouri with the world at my fingertips. I even had the girl, until a call came from the infamous Colton Donavan. I had a choice to make: my dream or the woman I loved. I couldn’t have both.

When an unexpected surprise shows up on my doorstep in the form of a baby, there’s only one woman I trust enough to help me. Lena Stanley, the one I left behind. But being in close proximity to her reminds me of what we used to have, and what I still want. Her.

The day he walked away to chase his dream was the hardest day of my life, but I powered through. I could never ask Mack to choose between me and the opportunity of a lifetime.

That’s why I pushed him toward the latter, despite the heartache it caused.

Now, he needs my help. The problem is it’s hard to keep old feelings buried. Despite my best efforts, our connection is too powerful to deny. However, as our short time together draws to a close, I have another difficult choice to make. Only this time, I’m not just walking away from him, but his son too.

There’s something quite sexy about a man holding a baby. Maybe it’s just. Perhaps it’s the way Mack looks holding his son.


Oh Mack and Lena!!! I fell in love with these two from the moment they were introduced and as the story continued I fell more and more in love with them and their story.

Mack and Lena met as teens and it was truly love at first sight, however, Mack gets the opportunity of a lifetime, however, Lena has experienced the racing life and the travelling that comes with it. She lets him go even though her heart breaks. Now it is three years later and he needs her help…..

Mack and Lena have chemistry from the start and even after three years there was a connection between them.  Their relationship is beautiful, it is an emotional and you can’t help but love everything about it. Once they are reunited, they form more of a friendship, which is amazing. They have such an easygoing vibe when they are together and they just work well together. Plus, Mack with a little baby…..seriously SWOONY!

If you love a second chance, secret baby romance than I HIGHLY recommend Grip! It has all that plus emotions and heat! A MUST READ!


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