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REVIEW ➞ Grade A Girl by Cara Wade


Once sassy butcher. Two hunky chefs. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Charlotte (Charlie) Paxton, Butcher extraordinaire, is stuck between two hunks of meat—Kade Benson and Jaxson Whittier.

Kade is broad and brooding, while Jaxson is tall and charming. Each man brings a uniqueness to the table she never expected to need.

Only in her wildest dreams did she think she would end up with two men at the same time. Now that she’s sandwiched between them, she can’t imagine being with just one.

Will Kade and Jaxson be able to keep their past hidden from her, or will their truth put them on the chopping block?

There was so much fire behind her large brown eyes. What secrets are you hiding?


One Sassy butcher + Two Sexy Chefs = one steamy romance!

Charlie is a BA. She worked hard and is now running her families butcher shop and is amazing at it.  I love that she doesn’t put up with anyone who thinks she can’t do her job. Kade is a veteran and a chef. He has some pain from his past that he is still struggling with at times. Jaxson is a chef, best friends with Kade and also dealt with pain in his past, but has moved on from it a little better than Kade.

Charlie, Kade and Jaxson have instant chemistry. The two men balance each other out but are missing something and Charlie easily fits in with them and is the missing piece. I loved their relationship and how natural it felt and how well the three of them just worked together.

If you’re looking for a steamy, MFM novella to warm you up on the cold winter nights this one is a MUST READ!