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REVIEW ➞ Forever by Harlow Layne


Caught in the heat of passion, Reed Cavanaugh was forced to give up everything he held close to his heart.

Now that he’s finally starting over in a new state and a new town, Reed comes face to face with the woman who cost him everything.

Everywhere he turns the beautiful siren is there reminding what he lost, and he’ll do anything to get her out of his life.

When a secret reveals itself will Reed push away the curvy beauty or will he let Rowan and her secret be his forever?

This is the woman who ruined me, and if I’m going to do anything, I’m going to ruin her right back.


This story starts out with a bang…literally. Then everything goes up in flames rather quickly.

I loved Rowan. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, she is full of sassy, she is strong and she is full of life despite what life has handed her. Reed is a grump, rough around the edges and holds somewhat of a grudge. There is no denying they have chemistry, at least physically from the start. But can the past be forgiven?

I loved seeing Rowan and Reed’s relationship progress throughout this story. They go from friends with benefits, to almost enemies, to slowly reconnecting on a different level. Rowan brings out a different side in Reed and I loved seeing that more caring, less grumpy side of him.

This story is full of laughs, heat and plenty of sweet moments from the start and is the perfect afternoon read!

If you’re looking for a surprise baby, small town, second chance, student/teacher romance this is one to check out.