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REVIEW ➞ For The Love of Easton by A.M. Hargrove


What could be more humiliating than your father telling an almost perfect stranger that you’re single?
I’ll tell you what—proposing MARRIAGE to him!
That’s exactly what my father did.
He basically tried to barter me off like a horse.
Admittedly, said single dude was a veritable smoke show.
Besides being exceptionally panty-melting, he was also a complete jackass.
Until the douche of my baby daddy showed up—and not for a friendly visit—insisting on gaining custody of our daughter.
Said panty-melting jackass rode in on his white stallion, rescuing me from the clutches of the aforementioned douche .
I never imagined Panty-Melter would turn out to be my knight in shining armor.
Maybe Dad’s idea wasn’t so crazy after all.
And this was how I found myself considering that insane proposal.

Being with English was comfortable in every way. There were no stilted conversations, uncomfortable silences or awkward moments.


I was so excited when I found out that this was English’s story and the moment I started reading I completely fell in love with it. Just like English did for her father’s story, her daughter Easton completely stole the show and melted my heart.

There were so many ups and downs throughout this story. It takes you on a journey and at times it isn’t easy to read. I felt for English, but she is a fighter and a survivor. She isn’t one to just give up when times get hard, she is going to keep going. She also has an amazing support system of her parents and grandparents. Tristian, it is easy to love him, too. He is hardworking, he comes from the complete opposite of what English did. His family is, well an interesting one.

I love that English is the same person she was as a child in For the Love of English and a lot of those traits rubbed off onto her daughter, Easton. Easton is full of life and sass and you can’t help but just love the little girl and her infectious happiness. She is all about being under the rainbow and unicorns.

The chemistry between English and Tristian is instant and just continues to grow and grow throughout the story. I loved watching them go from this dislike towards each other, to friends, to falling in love. Tristian with Easton was also an instant connection. She instant liked him and had him wrapped around her little finger.

This was a great follow up to For the Love of English and I loved seeing the woman that English become and I hope that in the future there is the same for Easton. You don’t have to read For the Love of English before reading this, but I would highly recommend it!

If you’re looking for a single mom, fake relationship romance this is one to read.