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REVIEW ➞ Fool for You by Kelly Elliott


It was only supposed to be for a few months, so where was the harm in going along with it? That is, until the fake engagement Landon and I came up with after a misunderstanding threw us both into the spotlight, and threatened to destroy the lives we had both worked so hard for.

Somewhere along the way, though, we realized everything had changed. So, we made a vow to one another when we crossed the line from being best friends to lovers, that neither one of us would get hurt.

But that’s the thing about promises made, they are often broken, and the fallout can be catastrophic.

So, when the real world comes crashing down into the fake world we’d created, neither of us knew who would break our vow first, and more importantly, which one of us would survive the betrayal.

I See you differently, feel things differently. I want to…I want us to…


Emmerson and Landon grew up together. They are best friends and pretty much have been since the moment they were born. They have always been there for each other. They have also been in love with each other for as long as they both can remember, however, they never made their feelings known to the other.

I loved everything about Emme and Landon. Their friendship is beautiful. They truly care about each other and have shown that they will be there for each other no matter what. There is massive amounts of chemistry between the two of them, too. When a fake engagement turns into real dating and real feelings are quickly revealed things quickly escalate and I quickly fell in love with their relationship, too.

Fool for You had pretty much no drama, which was amazing. It had a beautiful friendship that turned into something so much more, but still beautiful. Emmerson and Landon’s families were great additions and I loved both of their families and the bonds that they all have. Everything about this story is perfect from start to finish. A great addition to the Southern Bride series!

If you’re looking for a friends to lovers, fake dating romance this is one to check out.