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REVIEW ➞ Feels Like Love by Jenna Hartley


I’m secretly in love with my best friend’s little sister.
So, I do what any good friend would—avoid her.
At least, until my house floods, and my best friend suggests I move in with Wren.
Resisting her has never been easy.
But when Wren convinces me to be her dating coach, it’s impossible.
The more we “practice,” the harder I fall for her and her amazing son.
The more I start to believe what we have is real.
It feels like love, but is it worth risking my friendship with Wren and her brother to know if she feels the same?

“Your scars are part of you. They don’t define you, unless you let them.”


I absolutely adored the story. The small town, the characters, the mixture of sweet and steam is all perfect.

Wren is a single mom to her amazing child, River. She hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to relationships and since being a single mom she doesn’t really have time to date. Bennett has known Wren since they were children. He is best friends with her older brother. Bennett has also had a crush on Wren since they were kids.

I love Wren. She is hardworking and strong. She loves River more than anything and it shows throughout the story. He is her world and she would do anything to make sure her son his happy. I also really loved Bennett. He’s only ever had eyes for Wren, but it can never be anything more. He is protective and caring and seriously swoony. I loved how Bennett is with River and the bond that the two of them formed throughout the course of the story.

The chemistry between Wren and Bennett is fantastic. There is so much tension between the two of them and I loved all the buildup. Seeing their relationship progress from friends to Bennett coaching Wren when it comes to dating to something more was so much fun to read.

If you’re looking for a single parent, small town, brother’s best friend romance this is one to read!