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Anson Meyer is world-renowned for his record-breaking country songs, his devilishly good looks, and his really short temper. So after a heated altercation with a reporter, one that puts him in a pretty negative light in the music industry, Anson is temporarily kicked out of Nashville by his agent and sent back to his hometown of Comfort, Texas, to “cool down” and “figure out where he sees his career going.”

When Anson shows up in Comfort, though, he quickly realizes that not everyone is ready to welcome home the bad boy of country music. Especially the woman he is still in love with who served as the inspiration behind all those hit songs. Brystol makes it clear to Anson with one good hit to his nose that she is the last person in town who is happy he is back — and, surprise, she isn’t the only person not holding up a welcome home sign. There are countless others…and he soon realizes that he has got some fence-mending to do all on his own.

What Anson wasn’t expecting to find was a sense of peace and belonging that he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He also stumbled upon the best parts of his past life that he hadn’t realized he missed when he left to pursue his dreams of becoming a singer. And, more importantly, the love he had for Brystol Overmann that burned even brighter than ever before.

Anson soon finds himself needing to make one of the biggest, life-changing decisions of his entire career.

Choose staying home or going back to Nashville.

Feels Like Home is a complete stand alone in the Southern Bride series.

I was as much in love with Anson today, as I had been on the day he walked away from me. And I hated him for that.


Feels Like Home is a small town, second chance romance that will warm your heart.

Anson and Bristol have been in love for years, until Anson leaves without so much as a goodbye and becomes a famous country star. Bristol is heartbroken, the boy she thought she loved shattered her heart into a million little pieces. However, after a few incidents Anson is forced to take a break and returns to his hometown.

Anson and Bristol have a history. They have LOADS of chemistry between them. However, there is still so much pain and heartbreak between them. Anson never stopped loving her, he never once wasn’t thinking about her and that showed in his songs. Seeing Anson again brings up some unresolved feelings for Bristol, there is so much she didn’t know because she refused to listen to his music, however, she was so incredibly proud of him and everything he has accomplished in his career.

On a side note, I LOVED Bristol’s brother, Drake, and her best friend Mindy. They were fun secondary characters and I’m secretly hoping and crossing my fingers that they get a story, because there is definitely something to tell.

Anson and Bristol are two people who just belong together. They are truly perfect for each other. They balance each other out. Their story is full of ups and downs, heartbreak and love, tears and laughs. It’s a beautiful second chance romance that will bring a smile to your face.

Feels Like Home is a MUST READ!


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