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REVIEW ➞ Fake Vow (For now) by Penny Wylder


I have a reputation as a bit of a flirt. What can I say? I’m a guy who likes to get a reaction out of the girls that catch my eye.
Girls like Rose.
She’s renting a room at the lodge I run with my friends in Blue Mountain, and our chemistry is off the charts, but the rule is no sleeping with the guests.
Not a problem: I’ll just hook up with her before she checks in.
I’m loving how clever I am– and how delicious she is… until I discover what she’s hiding from me.
Rose isn’t who she says she is. And if she gets her way, the lodge I care so much about will be ruined.
I have a plan to keep this gorgeous trickster at my side and out of trouble.
When she wakes up with my wedding ring on her finger, she knows I figured out her game.
Now she wants an annulment. Too bad.
I’m not letting her go until I’m satisfied… 

The barely contained chemistry we have is fire.


It is time to head back to Blue Mountain for Asher’s story and this one is a quick little scorcher!

Rose heads to Blue Mountain under the guise of planning a girlfriends weekend, however, she is working for a father to look for any sort of violations. Asher is the one who has to give her a tour and the moment he see’s Rose there is an instant connection. Once he founds out who she really is, will that be it?

The chemistry between Asher and Rose is ON FIRE. It is steaming up the pages from their very first interaction and only continues the more time they spend together. Their relationship quickly progresses and Asher has the brilliant idea to get married. However, that idea has ulterior motives but when everything is said and done they can’t deny their connection and love for each other.

If you’re looking for a fast paced accidental marriage that is full of steam this is one to read!