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REVIEW ➞ Drowning in Love by Kelsie Rae


Working at a women’s magazine definitely has its perks, including a free vacation to the Bahamas. The catch? I have to help my best friend, Gem, host a singles cruise that uses your zodiac sign to match you with your soulmate.

Ya know, if you drink the Kool-Aid.

I find the whole thing amusing until she starts to set me up with every Aquarius, Cancer, and Virgo on the boat.

Then I meet Gage. A Leo.

He’s the exact opposite of my ideal match by zodiac standards, and is the perfect solution to get Gem off my back.

Then the stars align, and I find myself drowning in love whether I want to or not.

But I guess that’s what I deserve for tempting fate.

If only he felt the same way.

We all have our flaws, Gage. Trust me.


From the moment they met, Nora and Gage’s relationship has been something different. Though, I loved the way they first met because it was fun, memorable and a complete surprise. Their second meeting is when sparks really start to fly and that connection starts to form.

I love the cruise aspect of the book. It was something fun and different. Everything about the cruise was a surprise and both Nora and Gage learned a lot about themselves as individuals, but also about a relationship. Both of them want something different when it comes to relationships, however, they can’t deny their chemistry.

This story also sets up a book between Nora’s brother, Owen, and his high school love.  I loved every single moment of this story. It was a fairly quick read, but perfect for a weekend read.