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REVIEW ➞ Drew by Amanda Shelley


My heart races, palms sweat, and knees go weak.

I’ve never seen anyone like Drew in a science lab. He’s made me a firm believer in chemistry existing outside a textbook.

Then his ego and entourage show up.

Nope – No, thank you. Moving on. I mean… who has an entourage in college?

When our professor announces we’ll be stuck as lab partners, I nearly lose my mind—and not in a good way.

I can’t afford the type of distractions Drew brings.

Right here in this moment, I don’t care that we’re suppose to be just friends.


Drew is the first book in an all new series from Amanda Shelley and this is such a sweet and fun story. Drew and Abby initially seem like complete opposites, but they really have a lot of similar goals in life.

Drew is a star basketball player, he is at college on a sports scholarship, however, he is focused on school and trying to get into medical school to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. Abby is hard working, she is studying hard to get into med school, so when Drew is her new lab partner in chemistry she is less than thrilled.

I loved Drew and Abby from the moment they met. I loved how much Drew surprised Abby with the fact he wasn’t just a dumb jock who expected her to do all the work and he’d just get the grade. There was an instant connection between them. Then, things progressed into the friend zone which is fun and the chemistry continued to grow, along with Abby trying to keep Drew safely in the friendzone because who knew where they would both be in a year. However, you can only deny chemistry like theirs for so long before you have to see how good it can be.

Drew and Abby’s relationship is fun, sweet and has some steam. I loved seeing how things progressed and how seeing these two people who may seem like total opposites come together and learn there is more to someone than what is on the outside and stereotypes.