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REVIEW ➞ Damien by Amanda Shelley


When I walk into the diner, all I’m looking for is a decent meal. As a civil engineer for the largest project on campus, I just want to eat in peace. I’m happy to find this hidden gem since students are scarce. Don’t get me wrong, co-eds on campus are beautiful, but I was over that scene when I graduated three years ago. I need to finish this job and move onto the next one by the end of the year.

Then Vanessa walks up with a simple smile and takes my breath away. The next thing I know, I’m making every excuse imaginable to dine with this intriguing woman. She’s not only smart and sexy; she’s completely focused on reaching the goals she has set for herself.

The more I get to know her, the more I know she’s the one. I just have to find a way to make her deviate from her perfectly laid plans and take a chance on me. 


Vanessa and her daughter, Julia, were first introduced in her twin brother, Vince’s story. I was super excited to find out that she got her own story and it was so well deserved.

Vanessa is a single mother, she works hard at school, at her job and just taking care of her daughter. She also has a great support system around her. Damien is fairly new to the area and quickly became a fixture at Vanessa’s work. There is a connection between the two of them, but Vanessa doesn’t think Damien wants anything to do with a young single mother. Damien isn’t perfect, but he is perfect for Vanessa and the bond he formed with Jules was adorable.

I loved Vanessa and Damien’s relationship. It wasn’t always easy but they worked so well together. Plus the relationship between Damien and Julia was adorable and so sweet.

If you’re read the previous books in the series you’ll recognize some of the secondary characters and if you’ve read Making The Call you’ll recognize Damien’s sister, Dani.

If you’re looking for a sweet, single parent romance this is one to check out.