REVIEW ➞ Crash Into You by JH Croix


A hotshot pilot and a Southern princess looking for a fresh start collide in the wilds of Alaska.

The first time I met Daphne involved three things: a cute skirt, a bear, and mud. Lots of mud.

Daphne is everything I don’t need, and she makes me crazy in all the wrong ways. This princess does not belong in the wilderness. Or, so I think. But then, thought is hard to come by around Daphne.

Between flying tourists all over Alaska’s skies, hotshot firefighting on the side, raising my sixteen year old sister who has enough attitude to run the world, and fending off demons from my days in the military, I don’t have time for women.

But time’s been laughing at me ever since Daphne showed up. I can’t get her out of my mind, and my control has fled the building. Oh, and I’m her boss.

One night, just one night, I let things go too far. Now, all bets are off.

Our hearts felt as if they were beating to their own metronome.


Daphne heads to Alaska to escape after the previous year and a half of her life. Flynn runs an adventure resort in Alaska and has experienced his own struggles in life. Daphne and Flynn meet when he has to rescue her from the side of the road. They didn’t get off on the right foot, however, there was a connection between them.

I felt for Daphne. She experienced a lot of loss, pain and heartbreak in such a short amount of time, yet she keeps going. She keeps fighting and moving on with her life despite the heartache. Flynn also has experienced a lot, after the loss of his mother he quickly had to leave his military life and take care of his younger siblings and treading that line as brother and parent.

I loved the chemistry between Daphne and Flynn. They both truly needed each other to heal and to find happiness. Their souls needed each other to heal. I loved seeing everything progress for them. They started off thinking they didn’t like each other, however, things quickly start to shift and everything becomes more.

Crash Into You is a beautiful story that will have you falling in love right along with Daphne and Flynn.


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