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REVIEW ➞ Convince Me by Chelsea McDonald


Veronica is free-spirited, impulsive and down on her luck. After being fired from her job in California, she has no choice but to move cross country back to her parent’s house. With no job, no house and no boyfriend, there’s nothing holding her back from taking life by the balls. It’s at that moment she meets Hayden…

Hayden is a big softie and a closet optimist, but remains a complete hard ass around the office. Being made a junior partner at the law firm, he’s risen to the top of his game. He loves what he does but only wishes he had someone to share his success with. And then he meets a sassy little blonde by the name of Veronica.

Come along for the ride as a self assured alpha male goes after what he wants. Will she fall into his arms willingly or will he have to convince her?

It’s official, she’s my kryptonite. The only thing in the world to break me and bring me to my knees.


It was just supposed to be a one-night stand, Hayden and Veronica could not stop thinking about the night they shared together.

Hayden and Veronica are complete opposites, yet they really balance each other out. The have amazing chemistry together. I loved Hayden’s determination when it came to Veronica and proving how perfect they are together. The mixture of Hayden’s alpha side and Veronica’s sassy side was fantastic.

This was a fast passed novella that I couldn’t put down. I completely fell in love with Hayden and Veronica’s story.