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REVIEW ➞ Complicate Me by Claire Raye


Life at its simplest is still complicated.

Reid Bowen is her brother’s best friend and the biggest womanizer on campus. She has no business wanting him.

Sienna Parker is forbidden and the sweetest fruit he can never taste. But if he can’t have her, no one can.

Forced together by a road trip home, it will not only test their patience, but also their resolve to stay away from each other.

Bound by their past, it’s the complicated that changes their lives.

You’re the baddest fucking girl I know. You’re still tolerating me.


The moment I started reading this book I was completed sucked in to the story and falling in love with Reid and Sienna. Complicate Me takes you on an adventure that you’ll never want to end.

Reid and Sienna grew up together, along with Sienna’s twin brother Caleb. They come from different backgrounds, yet the three of them were the best of friends. Due to family life Caleb stays in Rhode Island and Reid and Sienna head to California for college. Two years have gone by and now they have to return back home. A cross country road trip will change their relationship, but will everything be okay once the trip is over?

The chemistry between Reid and Sienna is amazing. I loved the banter they had throughout the story. There is an easy going feeling when it comes to their relationship from the years of knowing each other. Reid is protective of Sienna because her brother asked him to watch over her, but also because of his feelings for her. I love that Sienna isn’t afraid to make a move. Throughout their road trip you can feel their tension in the beginning, the emotions were palpable and you could feel that tension shift and the heat pick up.

One thing I wasn’t expecting with the story was how emotional it made me. Sienna and Caleb’s past broke my heart. Yet, they still manage to make it work. They formed their own little family with Reid. The emotions continued all the way to end of this book. The last 15% of the story I felt like my jaw was hanging open and my heart rate was spiking. I wasn’t ready for any of that and I can’t wait to see how Reid and Sienna’s story continues in Complete Me!

Complicate Me is an emotional, steamy, angsty road trip romance and a MUST READ!