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REVIEW ➞ Collide by Piper Lawson


My hot professor’s past tore us apart. But he won’t give up on our future.

I thought I knew who Sawyer Redmond was. I was wrong.

But he’s fiercely determined to keep me, and I can’t avoid him. He’s everywhere—in class, at events, in my head.

He forces me to discover a side of myself I never knew. One that terrifies me almost as much as it excites me.

He says our secrets can bring us closer. But there’s no way I can love the man I’ve discovered…

Is there?

COLLIDE is an illicit, addictive forbidden age gap romance from USA Today bestselling author Piper Lawson. It is book 2 in the OFF-LIMITS series and should be read following CRAVE.

I’m over trying to get through the day without thinking of you.


Olivia and Sawyer’s story continues right where things left off at the end of Crave. Sawyer’s past has torn them apart, yet they can’t avoid each other. Sawyer also isn’t about to just give up when it comes to Olivia, however, he does have a lot to prove.

I loved everything about this story and the continuation of Olivia and Sawyer’s journey. There is a TON of chemistry between them and no shortage of spice when it comes to this story. I love Olivia and how driven she is and how determined she is when it comes to everything. I loved the growth of their relationship and the deeper connection that the two of them are beginning to form.

Can we talk about that cliffhanger of an ending though!? Seriously, how can things just end with that bombshell. But I am DYING to see how Sawyer and Olivia’s story continues in book 3.

If you’re looking for a forbidden, student/teacher, age gap romance check out this one, after reading book 1, Crave!