REVIEW ➞ Collide by Amanda Shelley


Falling head over heels was the last thing I expected.


Coffee is everywhere – and more than my ego is bruised.

When the handsome stranger I plowed into calls me by name, mortification sinks in.

He rushes off to class. I run home to change, hoping to forget the whole incident.

If only I could be so lucky.

I quickly find it’s a small world and Gavin Wallace is completely unavoidable. Everywhere I turn he’s there. In my classes. Hanging with my friends.

I’ve got his full attention and I have to admit, I like it a lot more than I should.

You can’t live in fear of ‘what-if’. You can only focus on ‘what’s happening now’ and go from there.


Collide is a SLOW SLOW SLOW burn romance that is super sweet.

Alex and Gavin met through mutual friends; they formed their own friendship. I loved seeing their interactions and watching them grow throughout the story. The progression of their relationship was super sweet. Alex is stubborn, but she isn’t the type of girl you’d expect for her age and being away at college. Gavin is a swoony gentleman. Seriously, the man cooks AND cleans. How can you not want that?!

I already said this is a slow burn and but once they finally give into each other and their feelings everything quickly progresses for them and their relationship. They were truly each other’s first love and it was beautiful to read.

The secondary characters in this story were enjoyable, too. I loved Alex and Gavin’s group of friends, plus both their families.

Collide is a slow burn, first love, sweet college romance. If you’re looking for a book that isn’t full steam and is on the lighter side of romance this is one to check out.


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