REVIEW ➞ Cocky Doc by Samantha Lind


I was minding my own business at my new job as a child life specialist when the sexiest doctor in the hospital fell into my lap… literally.

He was every woman’s fantasy, the Adonis in a white coat was charming, not to mention brilliant.

Dr. Andrew “Drew” Montgomery was quite the catch, not the usual type of guy who I’d expect to fall for a woman like me.

The first man who saw past my wheelchair, Drew was also the first man I could see myself settling down with.

We started dating, and everything seemed fine, but something was holding him back, Drew was married to his job and he carried the weight of his namesake. A name I wasn’t sure I could live up to.

I meant to keep my guard up, but it was no use. I was in over my head the moment his gorgeous blue eyes thoroughly examined me.

I knew my body was in good hands, but could I trust my heart with the cocky doctor?

This gorgeous, experienced doctor, who could have any woman he wanted, was kissing me. And I was kissing him back.


Samantha Lind is a new to me author and after reading this book I know I will be reading more in the future. I didn’t know what to expect going into this book and it was a great surprise.

Megan has faced challenges all her life, but I love that she doesn’t let anything hold her back. She lives her life to the fullest. After spending a lot of time in hospitals growing up she knew she wanted to work in one, specifically helping children. Now, she has landed that dream job. What she doesn’t expect a certain doctor. Drew is a children’s cardiac doctor. He loves his job. His brother was his inspiration when it came to a career choice and he wants to continue helping children the way doctors helped his brother. His focus has always been his career and his patients, however, from the moment he falls into Megan’s lap there was something that changed.

I loved Drew. He was sweet, swoony, kind, loving, pretty much perfect. I love how he was with Megan. He never once treated her differently. He took everything into consideration when it came to Megan and it was sweet. Megan, I love her, too. I love that she doesn’t let anything hold her back. Plus, her excitement over life is contagious. The chemistry between Megan and Drew is fantastic and the fact that she understands that his patients are important and that sometimes they do have to come to first is amazing.

Cocky Doc is a MUST READ!


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