REVIEW ➞ Caught Up In You by Claire Hastings


Leona Filipe loves her job. As the head of housekeeping at the luxurious Indigo Royal Resort on St. Thomas, USVI, she has seen it all and has the wild stories to prove it. She works with her best friends, is close enough to see her family often, and has the perfect friends-with-benefits relationship. Life is pretty damn amazing. Except for the two weeks each year that Cullen Cruz stays at the resort. He is the only man who can get under her skin. But that is all he’s getting under. She made that mistake years ago, and it will never happen again.

Fresh off the news of his “retirement” from football, Cullen Cruz cannot wait to get to the Indigo Royal for his annual retreat before returning to England to figure out what’s next. Only this year, it’s been turned into a “working vacation” by his agent, who volunteered Cullen to run a skills camp for local kids. While that wouldn’t normally sit well, extending the trip to teach some kids how to kick a ball does mean two more weeks getting to see the woman he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since their first, and last, encounter ten years ago.

When fate forces these two to confront what happened between them that night all those years ago, they find that there is more to each other than they realized, and that maybe they don’t annoy each other as much as they thought…

When you love someone, you love the whole person, ugly warts and all. No one is perfect. Everyone has made mistakes and has a past, but all of that made them who they are now. It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it.


From the moment Leona was first introduced in Can’t Fight This Feeling, I was dying to know more about her and more about her history with Cullen Cruz. Caught Up In You was everything I wanted and so much more.

Leona is hardworking, she loves her family and her friends, she doesn’t love Cullen Cruz. The man who destroyed her ten years prior, now he is back on his annual visit to Indigo Royal and Leona is forced to see him again. Cullen’s career is changing, his agent is trying to push him in a  different direction, but being back at the Indigo Royal Resort is causing Cullen to rethink his choices and his career path……

I LOVE Leona. She is full of sass, she is feisty and she is selfless and caring, especially for those that she loves. Cullen comes across as arrogant, but there are many layers to him and you get to know more about him and who is really is throughout the story. I loved the tension between Leona and Cullen, the banter, and the CHEMISTRY. Those two had some insane amounts of chemistry. Even though there is an eleven year age gap between them, it wasn’t noticeable. Leona is very mature for her age.

This story was a roller coaster of emotions for me. This wasn’t an easy ride for both Leona and Cullen, but it was well worth it. There may have been a moment where I wanted to through my kindle across the room, but that slight drama was quickly fixed.

I am already dying to return to the Indigo Royal Resort! Caught Up In You is a MUST READ that will captivate you from the start!


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