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REVIEW ➞ Bully King by Andi Jaxon


I’m the pastor’s son.
He’s the star quarterback for a small Kentucky high school.
While the town worships him, I pray for God to take my life.
He makes my life a living hell by making me his victim.
This perverse game we play could end us both.
How can something that feels so right be so wrong?
The price if the truth is discovered is death, but I can’t stop.
Neither can he.
No one can know.
Can I risk it?
Is Roman King worth dying for?
**This story is a bully romance including dubious consent, assault, talk of suicide, and is intended for readers 18+. Please proceed with caution.**

He’s the perfect temptation, and from the look on his face, he was sent to me straight from the Devil himself.


Bully King isn’t for everyone. There are subjects in this book that may be difficult for some people to read, however, while it is emotional this book will hit you deep.

Jonah is in a new state, a new town, a new school all during his senior year. His father is the towns preacher. Roman is the star of the town, he is the quarterback of the high school’s football team. He can pretty much get away with anything in the town. Jonah and Roman run into each other the first day of school and from there things take off.

My heart broke for Roman. He looked like he had it all on the outside, however, what was going on behind closed downs was so much worse. While at the school and around the football team he kept up his cocky, arrogant attitude, but with Jonah there was a different side that came out, a sweeter side. There were times Roman was frustrating though, especially with how he treated his own friend out of fear and to keep up an image. My heart also broke for Jonah, for how his father was with him and the things his father would say right to his face. However, Jonah had some support from his younger sister, Mary. The connection between Jonah an Roman is there and you could feel how much these two needed each other. They helped each other, the brought out a different side to the other. They loved, they fought, they shared something that no one in their town would really understand.

Bully King is an emotional book, this book took a lot out of me, however, it was so worth it in the end. If you aren’t easily affected by tough subjects in books this is definitely worth the read!