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REVIEW ➞ Blame it on the Tequila by Fiona Cole


It started on a dance floor after too much tequila and ended with looking into the handsome face I never thought I’d see again. In person, at least.

I saw his face all the time on magazine covers.

To the world, he’s Parker Callahan—famous rockstar.

To me, he was the boy I loved, the stepbrother who left me behind to follow his dreams.

After our tequila-fueled encounter, he wants me back but that’s not a road I’m ready to walk down again. He broke my heart once, and even five years later, I’m not sure I could handle another blow.

When a once-in-a-lifetime offer comes my way, even my broken heart isn’t enough for me to be able to turn it down. I agree to join the band’s tour and help Parker write his next album–but this time I’m not falling in love.

This time I’ll walk away.

But if there is one thing life has taught me, it’s that love never goes according to plan—especially when Parker is involved.

While his world just started taking off, mine fell apart at the seams, and I was too weak to fix it alone.


I fell in love with Nova the second she was introduced in Vera’s story. I love her even more after finishing this book. She is talented, a fighter, a free spirit and also a little broken. Parker is a Rockstar; he is living his dream but there are events in his past that still haunt him.

Nova and Parker met as teens when their parents married and they became stepsiblings. They shared a love for the arts and the more time they spent together the closer they grew. There was a connection from the start and tons of chemistry between the two of them. Then everything changed between them and it’s been five years….

The time apart did nothing to the chemistry between Nova and Parker. They didn’t want to talk about the past that both haunted them, but there was still some pain and heart ache between them because of it. However, these two stepsiblings/friends slowly started to embrace their connection and their journey, while emotional at times was truly beautiful.

Ash, Oren and Brogan are absolutely amazing secondary characters and I LOVED their love of Nova. They truly cared about it and added so much to the story. Plus, Rae and Vera being there for Nova and again reminding me why I love this Girl Gang hard!

If you’re looking for a forbidden, Rockstar, second chance romance this is one to read!