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REVIEW ➞ Beyond the Rose by Monica James


To the outside world, my life is perfect.

I’m young and rich, and some may even say I’m beautiful. But I would give anything to be somebody else because after being extraordinary all my life, all I wish for is…silence.

My name is Lola Van Allen, and there’s no easy way to say it, but…I’m dying.

When my doctors reveal all hope is lost, I decide to spend the time I have left sharing my experience at Strawberry Fields, a summer camp for terminally ill children. No matter my fate, I yearn to make a difference.

Things are quiet and slow-moving until I meet him.

Dr. Roman Archibald.

From the moment our lives entwine, he pushes me until breaking point. But for someone who has nothing left to lose, I push back twice as hard. Roman challenges me in ways I never imagined, revealing things aren’t always what they seem.

This is my story…and how I got a second chance at life.

You’re different. You stand out from the crowd, and you deserve that, in this lifetime, and the next.


I don’t think I have cried so much and so hard while reading a book. Beyond the Roses is emotional, beautiful, breathtaking, raw, heartbreaking and so much more. This story will have you feeling EVERYTHING. It will completely shatter your heart and soul from the beginning.

There aren’t any words that would even come close to summarizing this story. It is truly one that you just need to read for yourself, but make sure you have tissues ready because I promise you they will be needed.

Lola and Roman’s story is unique. It is a story that will stick with you for a long time. A story that will have you looking at life differently and not taking anything for granted. Their relationship is different, everything about their story is different but you can’t help but fall in love with these characters.

If you’re looking for an emotional journey that will completely captivate you then this a MUST READ!