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REVIEW ➞ Bestselling Bastard by Nicole Rodrigues


A Cocky Hero World Novel!!! If you loved Stuck-Up Suit, you will love the next gen!

The king and queen of romance–Jenna Watson and Lorenzo Morgan. The “dirty duo” that makes you swoon, gets you hot and then melts your heart with the happily ever after.

Two newbie authors, one sketchy Instagram DM, a few phone calls, a drunken live video plotting out our next best seller and then BOOM!

Trending and on the radar of every publishing company in the industry, we make it–together. A best seller list, two literary agents and we’re cruising by for the next year…until we don’t.

Writer’s block hits and Lorenzo and I are forced to finally spend a whole weekend alone together, face to face, retreating to a cabin in the woods all weekend to bang out our next big hit. I don’t think our agents wanted us to bang out each other but that’s what happens. Over and over again on every damn inch of that cabin. Turns out those sexy scenes that Lorenzo writes have nothing on his real moves.

One weekend and then we’ll go back to being work partners, except nothing is the same. It’ll never be the same.

I can’t love Lorenzo Morgan because then I”ll lose him. There’s no coming back from that if I do.


Bestselling Bastard is fun, steamy, will make you laugh out loud and will have you swooning and wanting your very own Lorenzo Morgan!

I loved the idea of this story. Two new romance authors connect via and Instagram DM and things escalate from there. There is a friendship form, they begin to write together and after a year of texting, phone calls and video chats they finally meet in person and that is when the sparks really begin to fly. Lorenzo and Jenna have loads of chemistry and there was a fun lightness to their entire relationship that you can’t help but love and smile about.

Lorenzo is the son of Graham and Soraya from Stuck-Up Suit so there are glimpses of those two throughout and I LOVED seeing them as supportive parents. Lorenzo is somewhat cocky and he knows it, he is super swoony, too. He is also caring, supportive and protective. It’s easy to love him. I LOVED Jenna. She has experienced a lot of pain and heartbreak and tragedy throughout her life and she has so many walls built up to protect herself and to protect those she cares about.

The chemistry between Lorenzo and Jenna is OFF THE CHARTS! Seriously, the tension. I loved it and the fun banter between them! I just couldn’t get enough of the two of them.

I DEVOURED this story from start to finish. A MUST READ!