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REVIEW ➞ Attachment Theory by Kayley Loring


Dear Mr. Brodie,

I hope this email finds you well.
Your well-being and personal growth are of the utmost importance to me, as a therapist.
As such, I have decided it is in your best interest to continue individual therapy with another practitioner.
This is due to the potential for boundaries being crossed between us.
Attached is a list of colleagues I would recommend for you.

Scarlett Shepard, MS, MFT

Dear Scarlett,

Consider our sessions terminated.
Now I can tell you how beautiful you are and how attracted I am to you.
Let’s start crossing boundaries over dinner tonight.
You’ll say it would be unethical, and I’ll point out that we’ve only had a few sessions.
You’ll cite the age difference, and I’ll tell you how hot it is that you’re six years older than me.
You’ll say you’re a mom, and I’ll remind you that I think your son is awesome.
We don’t have to discuss my former attachments to former co-stars ever again.
This is due to the fact that clearly my only personality issue is that I’m irresistible.

Yours in well-being and personal growth,
Dylan Brodie, W.M.H.T.A.T.Y.E.H. (Way More Handsome and Talented Actor Than Your Ex-Husband)

“All I really want in a relationship is sex and a sandwich.”


Laughs, heat, chemistry, plenty of swoony moments. Attachment Theory is a book that you just can’t put down and leaves you feeling good all over.

Dylan Brodie is sweet, charming and just hands down swoony; he is also a serial dater. Scarlett Shepherd is a single mom, sometimes a spicy disaster when it comes to her life, but it is hard to not instantly just love her. When it comes to relationships, it isn’t her priority in life.

When Dylan and Scarlett run into each other there is something there. They had an instant connection. Now, three years later, when they run into each other again, that connection is still there but there are also some complications to them being together.

Noah and Dylan. The two of them together bonding over Mr. Noodles is super sweet and just brings so much joy. I loved the two of them together so much.  

The text conversations in this story are pure magic. If I could text with Mama Brodie on a daily basis I would constantly be laughing out loud. They instantly bring a smile to your face.

If you’re looking for a single mom, rom com this is one to check out.