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REVIEW ➞ Always Been You by Lily Miller


Eight years ago, a scandal ripped my family apart and cost me the only man I’ve ever loved- Parker Bennett.

Now I finally have my life back together… a successful flower shop, good friends and I’ve convinced myself I can handle anything thrown my way.

Until I see him again.

I should have said no when his wealthy, sophisticated mother walked into my shop asking me to create centerpieces for her anniversary party. But my best friend convinced me that the high profile event would be great for business. Against my better judgement I took the job, telling myself I was over him.

After all, he’s been in Manhattan for eight years, building a reputation as the millionaire CEO of his family’s hotel empire. Rumor has it he’s also become a charming playboy who collects hearts all over town… then breaks them.

But the second I saw him standing in front of me, I knew I was in trouble. All I can think about is how good I felt in his arms. And when I give into the temptation to feel that way again, I discover the fire between us burns even hotter.

Parker is successful, confident and hotter than hell. He can have any woman he wants, but he’s asking for a second chance with me.

Saying yes would mean not only risking my heart, but the life I’ve worked so hard to put back together.

But how can I walk away when he tells me I’ve always been the one?

This is it for me. It’s only you. It’s always been you.


Always Been You is the perfect summer romance. This book had me smiling, laughing and swoony the entire way through. I absolutely fell in love with Olivia and Parker.  I am officially #TeamParkey.

It’s been eight years since Parker and Olivia last saw each other. Eight years since they have spoken a word to each other. You don’t forget your first love and the only person you have ever loved. Now, they are face to face and in an instant all those feelings come to the surface. The chemistry between Parker and Olivia is off the charts. These two are meant for each other and you can feel their love for each other oozing off the pages.

Parker is the ultimate book boyfriend. He is caring, sweet, charming and just hands down swoony. He remembers the small details and treats Livy with so much love and respect. It is impossible not to fall for him. Livy is someone who you instantly want to be best friends with. She is caring, supportive and just beautiful inside and out.

I loved the secondary characters in this story, too. From Livy’s best friend, Ellie, to her sister, Kate, and of course the rest of the Bennett siblings, Liam, Miles and Jules. I can’t wait for more of all these characters!

If you’re looking for a small town, second chance romance this is one to read!