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REVIEW ➞ Absolution by Leaona Luxx


Looking back, I never imagined I’d be standing here, asking for forgiveness… yet here I am, ready to fall on my knees and do whatever it takes. Wanting her was never an option, but when your heart knows, everything else ceases to exist. Consequences be damned.

I returned home broken and lost, refusing to connect to my old life, knowing what lurks in the shadows there. Afraid I’ll hate myself even more for hiding the untold truths, and yet I can’t bring myself to set them free. Set myself free… Until her.

In her arms, I find sanctuary. Her love not only encompasses me, but it also drives the darkness away and serves as a beacon of hope— my salvation.

When our pasts are brought to light, we’re thrust into the hell of our own creation. Will Scarlet forgive me for the blood on my hands?

Only absolution will see us through.

“Promise me,” I rest my forehead against his.

“Anything.” He breathes heavily.

“You’ll find me in the dark.”


Absolution is emotional, it is beautiful and it is everything I love about Leaona’s writing. Creed and Scarlet’s story wrecked me from the very first page and gripped my heart and soul until the very end.

My heart broke for Creed. To experience what he did and to come out on the other side is powerful. Having to relearn things, not being able to remember your past, and your own family is rough. It wasn’t an easy road for him and he experienced many obstacles. I absolutely loved Scarlet. She is a single mom, she is a great vet, she does the best she absolutely can to take care of her baby girl and to move on from the pain and heart break in her life.

The moment Creed and Scarlet met they had instant chemistry. They instantly bonded. Neither of them were looking for something more and decided to remain friends, however, fate had something else in mind. Their story was an emotional roller coaster from the start but it is worth the ride that it will take you on.

If you’re looking for a book that will grip your heart and soul, is redeeming and is truly emotional this one is a must read!