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REVIEW ➞ A Novel Seduction by Claire Hastings


Evie Staab has never told anyone about that secret admirer from college, the one who left her romance novels all marked up with sweet nothings and naughty highlights. Now a high school English-Lit teacher, she still keeps her romance novel guilty pleasure to herself, and that suits her just fine.

Even though it’s been years since college, Drake Harkins still thinks about that cute, sweet blonde who tutored him. Nor can he ever forget about the rush he got from secretly sending her those dirty books she liked, complete with some extra commentary from him.

An unexpected encounter reunites Drake and Evie, leaving Drake wanting more. Evie, however, requires a little more convincing. Can Drake use her guilty pleasure to win her over? Or is he forever benched to living in the shadows of Evie’s book boyfriends?

They are beautiful love stories. It’s not just about the sex. It’s about the emotion and passion between two people who deeply care about each other.


If you don’t read this book and immediately want a boyfriend like Drake, well I don’t know what is wrong. Seriously, the man is a former baseball player AND he reads romance novels out loud. How can you not want that!?

Evie is a bookworm and an English teacher who loves historical romance novels. She is more of the shy, quiet type of person. Drake is a former baseball player, a gym teacher and he has a secret romantic side. I loved Evie and Drake’s relationship from the very start. They have a history together, but its been a few years since they have seen each other. There is an instant connection and amazing chemistry from the moment they meet again at a bookstore.

This is a novella so it is short and fast paced, but you’ll easily fall in love with this story and these characters. I truly hope we get more of them and get to see more of their backstory in the future.

A Novel Seduction is a sweet, fun, steamy, quick read and perfect for the weekend! A MUST READ!