REVIEW ➞ A Love Song for Dreamers by Piper Lawson


He said I taught him how to dream.

Maybe he taught me, too.

But when fate brings the strongest man I know to his knees, dreams aren’t enough to save us.

But true love doesn’t fade to silence after a single verse.

Tyler and I have one last chance.

And the power to decide how this ends.

A tragedy for the ages.

Or the perfect ending to the most beautiful song ever written…


This isn’t sweet. It’s anarchy. We’re not in love. We’re at war.


I’ve been waiting for Tyler and Annie’s conclusion for what feels like forever and this one took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Their relationship hasn’t been easy from the start and timing has never been on their side, but will they be able to make it work one final time?

This book picks up right where book two ended, but just when you think things are going well for Tyler and Annie their relationship takes a 180 degree turn. Annie has to make a decision that is heartbreaking, but the best decision for both Tyler and herself at the time. Seriously, my heart dropped at this point.

A Love Song for Dreamers was an emotional ride, just like the two previous books. However, this one gutted me at times, but it also mended my heart that was previously broken by the ups and downs of Tyler and Annie’s relationship.

The growth of both Tyler and Annie from the beginning is beautiful. Tyler was lost and angry and as the years have gone by he slowly started to find himself and find where he belonged. Annie found herself, too. She went for her dream and she worked hard for everything she had.

This was a great conclusion to Annie and Tyler’s story and the entire series is a binge worthy MUST READ!


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