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REVIEW ➞ A Greene Family Vacation by Piper Rayne


Greene Family Vacation Itinerary…

Ticket holders:
17 adults. 5 children.

Departs from Anchorage, Alaska
Arrives in Maui, Hawaii

Reports of arguing with the TSA’s at the airport, three drunk grandmas, siblings fighting, a tooth fairy, two celebrities, one sunburned redhead, a wild blonde running the halls and one unexpected layover in San Francisco.

Enjoy your trip!

This feels like a family vacation that’ll go down in the books.


There’s no vacation like a Greene Family Vacation. When Ethel, Dori and Midge are all involved you know there are going to be some crazy shenanigans that happen, plus add in some children and the adults you are guaranteed laughs.

I loved this fun novella. It was great to catch up with the previous couples, but also get some teasers of things to come. *cough cough* Xavier and Clara, plus Mandi and Chevelle. It is a quick read, but if you have followed the series and love this family this is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!

If you’re looking for a rom com novella check this one out.