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REVIEW ➞ 406 Chivalry Road by AJ Alexander


Living in a small town has its perks but since I’ve been pining after Abilene Barber, my daughter’s friend, it has become hazardous to my health. Now my routine consists of fresh cherry pie and my daily dose of torture, staring at her innocent smile, wanting nothing more than to claim her as mine.

With a storm hot on our heels, Abilene comes crashing into my clinic with a wounded animal begging for my help. I was prepared for the storm threatening our small town, but those pouty lips and big brown eyes are my undoing.

Taylor Watts has starred in all of my fantasy since I moved to Cherry Falls but the last thing he needs is another woman drooling after him, let alone someone half his age. He is the only one I can turn to when the momma cat I long to call my own is in danger of losing her life and all her kittens. Now tapped together, a storm of a different sort ignites between us.

It should be illegal for me to want someone as much as I want her.


Taylor has secretly wanted his daughters best friend, Abilene, from the moment he met her. The feeling is mutual for Abilene. All it takes is a flash food and a pregnant cat to bring them together, but can they finally admit their feelings to each other?

I loved the chemistry between Taylor and Abilene. It was truly insta love for the both of them. Despite the age gap they have a shared love for animals and insane amounts of passion and chemistry. Plus, the fact that Cassidy was supportive of their relationship for the most part made this story low on the drama.

I fell in love with these characters and I wish there was more of them because I couldn’t get enough!

If you’re looking for a small town, age gap romance this is one to check out.