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REVIEW ➞ 32 Rowan Blvd by Kelsey Kingsley


Get married.
Buy a house.
Have a baby.

That’s every girl’s dream, isn’t it? Well, maybe not every girl, but for Christy Bush, it was.

So, when her boyfriend realized he didn’t want any of those things, the obvious answer was to set him free and find a man who did.

But what Christy didn’t see coming was to find herself pregnant just weeks after their breakup—as well as an unlikely friendship with single dad Kev Scott, the man who delivered her pregnancy test through the NomNow app.

Now, after being abandoned to raise her son alone, Christy has lost her identity to motherhood, in a world full of sweatpants, diapers, and fast food. But just when she starts to wonder if she’ll ever find herself again, fate delivers an unexpected love interest when she meets Kev face-to-face. The newfound romance might just be what she needs to spice things up…

That is, if the past can stay where it belongs–in the rearview mirror.

Was I willing to let everything else go for the sake of my tightly wound hormones and my fondness for gruff, tattooed men?


I absolutely adored this story. I fell in love with it during the prologue.

Christy is a single mom, living in her parents basement, working hard and living for the small conversations she has with her food delivery driver, Kev. Kev is a single dad, living at home after his divorce, working hard in construction, and on his downtime delivering food. They two of them form an unlikely friendship and I enjoyed their little conversations through the food delivery app.

I loved the chemistry between Christy and Kev. I loved the progression of their relationship with each other. I loved seeing them form their own family. The support they gave each other over the years and just being that outlet that the other could talk to, without never actually meeting each other face to face.

I loved the secondary characters, well minus one, but Kev and Christy’s families were hilarious, supportive and added to their overall story. I love the uniqueness of Christy and Kev’s first “meeting”. It was what got me hooked into wanting to read this story in the first place.

If you’re looking for a single mom/single dad, small town, strangers to friends to lovers story this is one to read.