RELEASE BLAST : Love at First Sight by Kelly Elliott

August 9, 2019

Love at First Sightby @authorkellyelliottis now LIVE! The first book in the brand new series, Southern Bride. Each book in this series will be stand alone books. All based in small towns in Texas. Full of love, hope, and second chances!

Love at first sight. 
Thatโ€™s what it was when Rip Myers came up to me in kindergarten. From that point on, we were inseparable best friends. 
When I work up the courage to tell Rip I love him, I am met with rejection. He tells me he treasures our friendship too much. That statement might as well be a knife to my heart. 
I want to hold out hope that heโ€™ll change his mind. 
Instead, he moves on. 
The only choice I have is to pretend that doesnโ€™t slay me. 
So, I say yesโ€ฆto the man I love. But he isnโ€™t the man Iโ€™ve been in love with nearly my entire life.

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